Subway Surfers

HOW TO PLAY Unblocked Subway Surfers?

Escape from the police is to collect gold while escaping and complete all the missions of the game and have 30 mission points. The main missions in the game are "Weekly Hunt" and "The Daily Challenges". It is to collect gold, some letters and gifts. The Daily Challenges mission earns additional coins if you complete different words every day. If you are successful in the missions, your score multiplier will advance one more level and this will allow you to get a high score. The extra jump boost allows you to jump on the trains in a way that you can jump on. You can increase the duration of your boosts with money. It will be enough to double-click on the screen to use the skateboard. Even if you hit something while using the skateboard, you don't die and start over. How to play Unblocked Subway surfers game, if you pull the phone touch to the left side, the character will jump to the left, if you pull to the right, to the right, if you pull up, the character will jump. If you pull it down it will roll under the barricades.